Fans find ways around NFL blackouts

Well it looks like this Sunday's Charger's game is going to be blacked out…again.

In the old days of the blackout policy, it made it so that you had to drive 75 miles out of town to watch your favorite home team on TV.
Not anymore–  Charger fans are fighting back against the blackout policy in this poor economy by watching the game online.

Many fans are using the site “ATDHE” to watch the game, but there are a number of other such online sites that stream NFL games live.

“ATDHE” offers every sporting event you can imagine, you can plug your laptop into the NFL cable network or watch international Womens' basketball.
And if you'd rather watch a blacked out Chargers game with all your buddies at a sports bar, we hear there were at least 7 bars around the area that also plugged into the internet or used a Direct TV card or satellite box registered outside the 75 mile blackout radius.

Although, sports bar owners beware, if the NFL finds out that you are showing the blacked out games they could possibly send you a cease and desist letter threatening a fine up to 150-thousand dollars.

The NFL is adamant that it's not going to change its policy, no matter how much fans are hurting economically.

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