‘Fat Leonard’ escapes house arrest in San Diego ahead of sentencing for Navy bribery scheme

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – “Fat Leonard”, the military contractor who plead guilty to orchestrating an international Navy bribery scheme, escaped house arrest in San Diego this last week.

He was scheduled for sentencing in a few weeks time. Pretrial Services were notified that his GPS tracker was cut on Sunday, Sept. 4, and arrived to find the home empty.

Leonard was the CEO of Glenn Defense Marine Asia in Singapore, and was arrested in 2013, pleading guilty two years later to offering $500,000 to Naval officers over a ten year period. In exchange, the officers gave him classified information.

“Fat Leonard” was being sentenced for offering Navy officers $50,000 in bribes, created sham port authorities to charge Navy ships fake fees, overcharged the military over $35,000,000, and operated a sex ring for insider information.

Criminal Defense Attorney Vik Bajaj broke down the situation with KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Morning San Diego.

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