Father and daughter go viral opposing critical race theory

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A father has gone viral this week after posting a video with his young daughter opposing critical race theory and those who want to have it taught in schools.

Kory Yeshua and his 6-year-old daughter Royalty joined Good Evening San Diego to discuss the video and their views on teaching about racism in school.

The video was initially posted on TikTok last month and Yeshua said he teaches his daughter to treat people based on who they are, not the color of their skin.”

Across the country, Republican-led legislatures have passed bills recently to ban or limit schools from teaching critical race theory.

At least 16 states are considering or have signed into law bills that would limit the teaching of certain ideas linked to “critical race theory,” which seeks to reframe the narrative of American history. Its proponents argue that federal law has preserved the unequal treatment of people on the basis of race and that the country was founded on the theft of land and labor.

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