‘Father Joe’s Villages’ re-brands with new logo

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Southern California’s largest residential homeless provider is re-branding itself. “Father Joe’s Villages” said it’s turning a page in the organization’s 65 year history.

As the mission of Father Joe’s Villages has grown over the years, so apparently, has confusion over what is and what isn’t part of the organization.

That’s an issue for those who want to take advantage of a number of the Village’s services.

It’s also a fundraising issue.

“What we’ve done is take all the partner agencies and we’ve put them all under one single brand,” said Father Joe’s new CEO and President Deacon Jim Vargas.

On Monday, Deacon Vargas and staff unveiled a re-branding, which includes a new logo.

The logo, Vargas said, is rich in symbolism.

“It looks like a star, its meant to, it’s a beacon of hope a brighter future for every single one of our clients,” he said.

This new identity formalizes Father Joe’s Villages as the name that represents all of the Village’s non-profit services and locations, including the De Paul Village, The Toussain Academy and Josue Homes.

In a question and answer period with KUSI after the announcement, Deacon Vargas talked about why the change was necessary.

“Fundraising wasn’t the only reason for doing this, but it is a by-product because there has been confusion over the years, you mentioned the donors, if they send in they know it encompasses all these partner agencies that we have,” Deacon Vargas said.

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