Father pleads for justice in Border Patrol shooting

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It has been two years since Valeria Tachiquin was shot and killed by Border Patrol agents. For the past two years, her family has searched for answers, but no one has determined who was in the wrong in this case.

Valeria’s family’s healing process has been held hostage.

“What do we do? Who can we speak to? Who can we question? Somebody who can tell us the truth about what happened. We’re still waiting,” said Valeria’s father, Valentin Tachiquin.

The frustrations of a father who lost his daughter is an everyday thing since September 28, 2012.

That’s the day Valeria was shot and killed by a Border Patrol Agent in Chula Vista.

The agent said Valeria was in an apartment that was a known drug den, and as they were trying to arrest someone there, the 32 year-old mother of five got into her car to leave.

They say Valeria drover at an agent, hit him, and as he clung onto the hood, he fired his gun.

An autopsy showed Valeria suffered 14 gunshot wounds to her upper body.

Valeria’s family said that was excessive use of force, and they have filed a civil lawsuit against the Boarder Patrol and the agent Justin Tackett.

They still have no idea if Tackett will be prosecuted, or if they case is closed.

“We need to have an answer. We need to put this atrocity behind us as a family, as a father,” said Valentin.

The results of the Chula Vista Police investigation into the shooting were handed over the Department of Justice.

When asked about the case, the Department of Justice had no comment.

Customs and Border Patrol Protection would also not comment on whether or not Agent TackeTackettstill in the field.

The new Customs and Border Patrol Protection Head of Internal Affairs admitted there are more than 100 cases of excessive force by agents that need to be looked at again.

Alliance San Diego says Border Protection also recently released their use of force policy.

“In it we found that shooting into a moving vehicle is a big no-no, not only prohibited but against the law,” said Christian Ramirez.

On Tuesday, lawyers added defendants to the civil suit filed by the family.

An agent who was on scene, who was accused of smashing Valeria’s car window as she was driving, and a federal personnel employee who cleared agent Tackett for employment, even after they say he was almost fired in his previous job.

It’s another attempt to find answers.

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