Faulconer and transition team have recommendations for San Diego’s future

The transition team, a bi-partisan group of San Diegans, has been working on this for four months. Its recommendations mirror the concerns of the voters, and those same issues were echoed in Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s campaign. Central to the Republican mayor’s success is building consensus – bringing diverse groups together to find solutions to challenging issues.

“They just can’t be solved by one industry, and they can’t be solved by one community,” said former Council president Tony Young. “It takes representatives like you see behind me for the entire city to come together, and create solutions that we can live, and move forward with.”

As a Democrat, Young was a co-chair of the transition committee and said some of the folks in it never met each other.

“We were unified because we all knew that we had a shared, common goal in improving our city.”

There were several recommendations on housing, education, infrastructure, the environment, transparency, public safety and jobs. Businessman Steve Cushman was also a co-chair.

“This group’s mission was to insure his administration – and, as a result, the city of San Diego, its 10,000 employees and all San diego’s residents are successful for years to come.”

Some of those recommendations are already in the budget; others soon will be.

“Over the coming months, my commitment is that my administration will prioritize the remaining recommendations and turn them into policy initiatives and legislation to insure that we are getting the results that all of us want, and that all San Diegan’s deserve,” stated Faulconer. “Over the last 100 days, between this San Diego advisory group and the newly adopted One-San Diego budget, we’ve laid the groundwork.”

Pot holes and street repairs are at the top of the list for most of city residents, including City Hall.

“The Council agrees with that, the committee agrees with that and every San Diegan – no matter where you live – and you know the need. And the good news is that help is coming, and it’s coming quickly.”

This new administration is positioned to succeed. Even two union presidents had good things to say about the mayor, especially his willingness to reach out for their input.

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