Faulconer introduces new staff

The transition from candidate to mayor was seamless, and like a man with tunnel-vision, the new mayor is ready and prepared to carry out the promises he made during the campaign. His mayoral team includes experts in education, transportation, land use, and public safety. There are twelve women and five Spanish speakers.

“They share my vision,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer addressed to the public, “a vision for a more inclusive and transparent city government that delivers quality neighborhood services to taxpayers, and creates opportunities for San Diegans to live the American dream.”
Their job is to serve and interact with the public. The mayor says the mission of this new administration is quite simple:
“We will carry out the will of the voters, continuing fiscal reform, and real government accountability, and creating a budget that prioritizes neighborhood investments including street, paving and public safety.”
The mayor will have to borrow $120 million if he wants to get to work quickly on the streets and infrastructure. If he goes down that road, he may end up in court. Attorney Cory Briggs says the mayor cannot legally borrow the money without a vote of the people, and if he tries, Briggs will sue – delaying or even preventing these much needed repairs. Council President Todd Gloria has said he favors a mega-bond for the 2016 ballot that would include a tax increase, which the mayor opposes. Briggs counters by saying just wait three months: put this on the June ballot and let the voters speak.
Meantime, the mayor was asked about his first “Meet the Mayor” session in Clairemont.
“It's all about getting out and making sure that we're hitting the ground running, and I'm getting the best ideas… from our neighbors that are making it happen every day in our planning boards, our town councils.”
The mayor will be holding these sessions in all nine council districts in the coming months. His success will depend on how he responds to these concerns from the city's neighborhoods.
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