Faulconer signs 2015 city budget

The mayor campaigned and won with a promise to focus on rebuilding the city’s neighborhoods, and this budget makes good on that promise. Signing the budget in southeast San Diego was a signal to the under-served neighborhoods that his administration remains committed to restoring city services to all of the of the city’s neighborhoods.

“It’s about neighborhoods, and putting your money where your mouth is.”

He promised to bring people together to move the city forward, and the fact that 5 Democrats on the Council voted for his budget indicates he’s forming partnerships and giving credit where credit’s due.

“Their help, their work from the very beginning made sure that this was a process that’s going to work for all of us as San Diegans – and I think that’s the approach this city needs. That’s the approach that will make this budget successful.”

Three Council members stood with him, as well as the police chief, the fire chief and city department heads. Fire Chief Javier Mainar will get more equipment and 90 new firefighters.

“Absolutely the best budget I have certainly seen as Fire Chief. This is actually the first year in which we are able to expand services to communities that are under-served, and that’s a fantastic thing.”

The Police Department will also get more manpower and equipment.

“This budget will significantly address our sworn recruitment and retention challenges by allowing us to recruit and hire 172 police officers next year,” stated Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman.

And the budget is heavy on infrastructure spending.

“This new spending also puts us on track to complete many more miles of street overlay, and we’ll be able to double the amount of minor asphalt repairs in the coming year compared to this current budget year,” said Deputy Chief Operating Officer Tony Heinrich.

There’s increased funding for a variety of parks and recreation projects; 200 hours a week will be added to the library system.

“Today, we’re taking real steps toward creating economic opportunity districts in San Diego’s lowest income communities that will attract private investment,” continued Faulconer.

There will be challenges ahead, a minimum wage increase, a new Barrio Logan plan update and a Chargers stadium, but the economy is moving forward and so is the city. Council President Todd Gloria sets the agenda, but he has shown he will be a partner in moving the city forward. He’s indicated he will keep downward pressure on spending and he will protect the reforms that generate new revenue.

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