Kevin Faulconer’s “One San Diego” Plan

SAN DIEGO – Faulconers 4 point plan concentrates on bringing opportunities to the southern neighborhoods that came automatically as investment shifted to the northern neighborhoods, especially downtown.

This vacant tract of land in Chollas View is a graphic example of that divide, acres of fallow land along a highway and near transit. As the north was being built out, the south was neglected. 

Chollas View resident Dwayne Crenshaw.

“It's been like this for three decades. Our community has waited for so long for affordable housing, for retail and shops, that we could have the amenities that make a community great.”

Jordan Gascon of mid cities worries about public safety.

“Kevin's One San Diego plan will make my community safer because he's going to hire more police officers.”

Marilyn Wong of Tierrasanta talked about infrastructure. Without it business will expand elsewhere in the city.

“One of the greatest challenge is to convince business to invest in some neighborhoods.”

And Blanca Lopez Brown, a teacher and mother of four, wants more involvement in education.

“Kevin understands that local government does play a role in education.”

Kevin Faulconer made inroads among voters south of the 8 in the primary. His “One San Diego” plan is to attract more of those voters in the runoff.

“It's about insuring that those opportunities are available to every single neighborhood in San Diego.”

The implication is a Faulconer administration will favor the south over the north in splitting up the economic pie. It's about building bridges.

“That's the type of bridges that I've been building, and the type of activity, inclusion that I will absolutely bring as Mayor of San Diego.”

Over the last generation San Diego has elected moderate republicans for mayor. That changed last year when the voters elected a liberal democrat, Bob Filner. The runoff election is three weeks from today.


Steve Bosh



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