Faulconer’s progress after first 100 days as mayor

There’s not a whole lot any new mayor can accomplish in the first 100 days, but Faulconer – with City Council approval – is already implementing some of his administration’s priorities. In between his ceremonial duties, like proclaiming Tony Hawk Day in San Diego at a skateboard park in Ocean Beach, this mayor is bent on restoring the city’s image and voter’s confidence.

“My message is we are back,” said Faulconer. “We are open for business, and we’re moving forward.”

A not so subtle reference to former mayor Bob Filner, whose partisan tactics brought the city to a standstill.

“We saw all the drama, for lack of a better word, that happened last year. We do great things in this city when we work together, and we’re going to agree a lot more than what we’re going to disagree on.”

Political consultant John Dadian says you are seeing a non-partisan politician whose living up to his campaign promises.

“Literally, his character and his personality is opposite of his predecessor, divided; he’s actually united us. He said he wants to work across the aisle with all of the other Council members, we’re seeing that happen.”

Faulconer ran a campaign of inclusiveness – everybody having an opportunity to get involved. He adopted the concerns of the neighborhoods, and he’s gone back to those neighborhoods as mayor.

“Some of the best ideas of how to fix a city comes from out in our neighborhoods, so I’ve done 7 of the 9 Council Districts – got the final two coming up in the next couple weeks,” continued Faulconer.

And he wasted no time on acting on the concerns of the neighborhoods.

“With a focus on continuing on getting our city back on track, my focus on public safety, new police chief, more dollars for new officers we’re going to hire, retaining the ones that we do have, and infrastructure – street repair, street repair, street repair.”

“This is a guy who certainly doesn’t need on-the-job training. He already knows how the wheels turn, you know, how it needs to be played,” stated Dadian.

“It’s not about partisanship, it’s about leadership to accomplish these objectives,” said Faulconer.

Supporting small business and growing new business are also priorities.

“I’m going to support policies that do that and stand up against policies that don’t do that.”

The first test of voter confidence in this new mayor will come at next week’s primary. He is urging a No vote on Props B and C. These Props are the Barrio Logan community plan update, where Business and Labor have clashed over jobs versus housing. The Council voted for housing, and Business collected enough signatures to let the voters decide.

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