FBI investigates others for possible connection to Orlando shooting

ORLANDO (KUSI) — The FBI was investigating other people besides gunman Omar Mateen as well as the shooter’s home in Fort Pierce, Florida Monday morning, according to U.S. Attorney Lee Bentley.

“If anyone else was involved in this crime, they will be prosecuted,” Bentley said. 

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The gunman entered Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, around 2 a.m. Sunday and began raining fire onto patrons. The shooter held victims for three hours before SWAT crashed into a wall of the nightclub in an attempt to rescue hostages. The shooter emerged and was killed in the ensuing gunfight.

49 people were killed and 50 others were injured in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

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Although Mateen claimed his allegiance to ISIS in a 911 phone call  during the attack, the FBI was still investigating Monday. Mateen’s parents are from Afghanistan and said they did not know of any connection their son had to ISIS and believes the shooting may be more related to targeting the gay community.

“Radicalism?” No,” father Seddique Mateen said He doesn’t have a beard even. When someone becomes radical, they grow long beard and they wear clothes that you know, long clothes and I don’t think religion or Islam had nothing to do with this.

His father referenced a moment when the gunman became outraged when he saw two men kissing.

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His ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy said that Mateen showed signs of instability when they were married.

“I saw his instability, Yusufiy said. “Saw he was bipolar and he would get mad out of nowhere that’s when I started worrying about my safety and then after a few months he started abusing me physically very often and not allowing me to speak to my family and keeping me hostage.”

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