FBI not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) — The FBI completed its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Director James Comey said it will not recommend any charges be brought against the presidential hopeful.

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The announcement on Tuesday removed a huge shadow hovering over Clinton’s campaign.

The investigation into her use of private email servers took over a year.

Director Comey however, didn’t let Clinton off the hook, saying the presumptive Democratic nominee and her aids were "careless" in the handling of classified information.

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Clinton was interviewed by the FBI over the weekend for more than three hours.

The Department of Justice still has to review the case and could override the FBI, but it won’t.

It’s interesting on a day when the FBI ripped into Clinton for her poor job.

She was making her first joint appearance with President Obama who praised her work as Secretary of State.

Here is the breakdown of the investigation, which lasted over a year.

Approximately 30,000 emails were sent and received on Clinton’s private email service while she was Secretary of State.

110 were retroactively classified.

52 of the emails were email chains, which were also retroactively classified and 8 of the emails are now listed as top secret.

The FBI did say a small number of emails contained information that was marked classified at the time, but it did not release an exact number.

And although the FBI is not recommending charges against Clinton, Director Comey did slam the State Department for being too relaxed with its security measures.

Comey heavily criticized both the former Secretary of State as well as the State Department as a whole.

The State Department was also asked if the former staffers for Clinton who setup the email server will face any penalties besides criminal charges.

The State Department said it does not know if further action will be taken.

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