FBI stand-off suspect charged

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A man who held off law enforcement agents from the
roof of an annex building near the San Diego FBI field office in Sorrento
Valley for nearly six hours has been charged with destruction of government

William Durant, 36, of Lakeside, was arrested at approximately 5:15 p.m.
Sunday, according to FBI Special Agent Darrell Foxworth.

Durant approached the visitor screening facility at the FBI's offices at
10385 Vista Sorrento Parkway at approximately 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Foxworth said.

Durant was contacted by a security officer and said he needed to speak
with a federal agent and said he had weapons, according to Foxworth.

Durant then fled from the guard and scaled the fence into the property
of the FBI building, Foxworth said. He crossed the property, approached the
main door and attempted to enter the FBI building, Foxworth said.

The guard again approached Durant and Durant again told the guard he had
weapons, Foxworth said.

Durant proceeded along the west side of the building where he again
tried to gain enter the building through an outside door and ripped off a U-
shaped door handle approximately 12 inches in length, Foxworth said.

Durant then entered the FBI building's parking garage where he smashed
and broke the window of a government vehicle in an attempt to gain access to
the vehicle, Foxworth said. Durant then climbed to the top of the single-story
FBI annex, where he damaged a security camera, Foxworth said.

While on the roof, Durant was contacted by San Diego Police Department
officers and subsequently by FBI agents, Foxworth said.

Durant refused multiple requests to comply and remained on the roof.
While on the roof Durant used an unknown device to ignite a fire in the heating
ventilation and air conditioning unit attached to the roof of the FBI building,
Foxworth said.

Simultaneous to the fire, FBI SWAT agents intervened and took Durant
into custody. Following his arrest, Durant admitted lighting a fire on the
roof, Foxworth said.

Durant is being treated and evaluated at a local medical facility where
he remains in the custody of the FBI. Upon his discharge it is expected Durant
will be booked into the Bureau of Prisons, Metropolitan Correctional Center,
Foxworth said.

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