Feeding San Diego helping veterans and military families in need

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Feeding San Diego’s vision is to create a hunger-free and healthy San Diego. Their initiative is to feed kids, families, our country’s heroes, and seniors. Feeding San Diego provides more than 26 million meals to people facing hunger through a decentralized rescue and distribution network.

Feeding San Diego accounts for 14,000 volunteers, 8,500 donors, and over 50 employees. As a community together, they are feeding San Diego with a goal to end hunger.

Hunger insecurity has risen throughout our active duty military, military families, and veterans. Feeding San Diego’s CEO, Vince Hall testified before Congress to get the issue of hunger stability in our military resolved. They risk their lives defending our country but are suffering without the help from our government and community.

7.6 percent of San Diego’s population is active duty military and military families who are lacking access to fresh and healthy foods to provide for their family. Those with the rank of E-1 through E-6 are struggling most to afford housing in San Diego as well as food.

The feeding heroes initiative was created to make sure every servicemember, wherever they are at in the world, knows that their families here in San Diego are taken care of while they are away fighting for our country.

Vince Hall is working to get this issue resolved, quickly.
If you would like to donate, visit: https://feedingsandiego.org/
Every $1 helps provide 4 meals.

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