Fight against controversial wildfire liability law AB 1054

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After years of deadly wildfires and a season of sweeping blackouts, a new poll of California voters finds that most people want utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric to change the way they operate.

PG&E is struggling to dig itself out of financial trouble after being found responsible for sparking California’s deadliest wildfires.

A UC Berkeley poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times found fewer than one in eight voters want the utility to keep its current structure once it emerges from bankruptcy next year.

Assembly Bill 1054 is a law that was recently signed by Gov. Newsom and creates a $21 billion wildfire fund that the state’s investor-owned utilities can tap if their equipment ignites fires that lead to significant financial damages.

Consumer Advocate Attorney Michael Aguirre (Aguirre & Severson LLP) has filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the bill which he says gives PG&E a way to avoid its responsibilities. He was in studio to tell us more.


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