Filner in it to win it

It is hard to remember when we had such a crowded field, if ever. Many are seasoned politicians who will be knocking heads over the next year, but only two will come out of the primary.

At 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon, Bob Filner filed papers at the City Clerk's office so he could begin collecting campaign funds.

“This ain't an exploratory committee, it ain't testing the waters, this is day one of an aggressive effort to bring back City Hall to the people,” said Filner.

With Bob Filner, the Democrats and the unions finally have a candidate in this race. But, it won't come easy, even with the party registration lopsided in favor of the Democrats. Republicans have held the mayor's office for 32 of the last 40 years.

“I'm gonna be the candidate for all the people, I have had 30 years experience fighting against special interests for the people, and I'll continue to do that and whoever is for me, that's great,” Filner said.

Filner jumps into the race on the same day Mayor Jerry Sanders endorsed Republican Bonnie Dumanis on Good Morning San Diego.

“Her leadership skills are great, she's no nonsense, she's all action, and I think she's the one to bring a level headed approach, and she's got CEO experience in the District Attorney's office, and she's the only candidate I know that's actually run a large organization,” said Mayor Sanders.

When asked about his nemesis, City Councilman Carl DeMaio, the Mayor had no comment.

Most people expect State Senator Christine Kehoe to enter the race, but she hasn't made up her mind yet. If she enters the fray, she'll have to have weapons.

“It is going to be a bruising battle without a doubt, really what the insiders are looking at now is how quickly and how early does it become a bruising battle,” said political consultant John Daidan.

Here's how Dadian sees these front-runners, beginning with Carl DeMaio:

“(Carl is) the one who's fought for you, still fighting for you, the one who when everybody else wanted to go along and get along and let these pensions go, he stood up,” said Daidan

“There is a voter in his mid 60's that has been voting for Bob Filner for the last 30-years so that's not party loyalty, that's brand loyalty,” said Daidan

“We're each going to do our best, there's going to be a choice for the people of San Diego to make. I'm going to put out my experience, my qualifications, my program, my experience at raising money,” said Filner.

Bob Filner is a formidable campaigner. He's giving up a seat in Congress to run for Mayor and he said I wouldn't be in this unless I expect to win.

“I have a safe congressional seat, I don't give up a safe congressional seat to lose another race so we're gonna – I think it's time San Diego cleared out the politicians that have got us into a really tough situation, a real mess, and we have some new and experienced leadership to move us forward,” Filner said.

Filner says he will lay out his positions on the issues in the coming weeks.

But will he lay out a detailed plan for fixing the City's problems? We've seen no plan from either Dumanis or Fletcher. The only candidate with a plan is Carl DeMaio.

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