FINA votes to ban biological men from competing in women’s swimming events

FINA, the Swimming’s world governing body, voted to ban biological men from competing in women’s sports, unless they “transitioned” before the age of 12. Lia Thomas, a biological man, says the move is “deeply upsetting,” and “will only serve to harm all women.”

The rule was designed in reaction to the controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas breaking numerous women’s records, and taking the spotlight from biological women who have trained their whole lives to compete against other collegiate swimmers.

In response to the ruling, ESPN is reporting Lia Thomas said, “The new FINA release is deeply upsetting. It is discriminatory and will only serve to harm all women.”

LGBTQ+ allies are outraged, blasting FINA’s decision as deeply discriminatory, harmful and unscientific.

1st President of Women’s Sports Foundation, and former Olympic Gold medalist, Donna De Varona, applauded the decision, and explained why on KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego.

ESPN’s full report on the ruling can be read here.


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