Firefighters deliver holiday joy

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Day in and day out, firefighters and Sheriff’s deputies see families struggle, but on Monday, they made things better for folks who otherwise, would not have a Christmas.

Santa Claus arrived via a fire truck instead of his sleigh, and it is all part of a 25-year tradition of playing mobile Santa.

Ten special families were loaded up with wrapped presents and scooters and bikes.

All thanks to Santa and his firefighters who shop with money from sponsors.

“They’ve demonstrated good character respect for teachers and parents. We work with the school staff to figure out which families rise to the top,” said Cory Beckwith.

“Whatever you guys are doing? Keep doing it and make sure your friends are doing the same,” he added.

Alan Arrollado said, “What’s really nice for us as firefighters is so often we are in these people’s lives when tragedy strikes. It’s so nice to come in and give these people Christmas, it’s a positive experience with them.”

Some Santas are more secretive, but over the weekend, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department knocked on doors, and made traffic stops all over town, not to give tickets, but to give smiles, and cash for Christmas.

“So we’re going around in the county to families, and individuals in need, assisting the best we can,” said Deputy Ken Colburn.

It is what Christmas is all about, giving to others, and making spirits bright.

Many of the donors who made the secrete Santa programs possible for both the Sheriff’s and the firefighters wished to remain anonymous.

That is what makes it great. It is unknown where the money is coming from, and it is just coming from the goodness of people’s heart.

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