Firefighters take several hours to put out fire of Spring Valley home

SPRING VALLEY (KUSI) — Firefighters took hours to quell a blaze at a home in Spring Valley, an official said Sunday.

San Miguel Fire Protection District spokesman Steve Moran said firefighters were sent to the blaze, at 9:40 p.m. Saturday, in the 10000 block of Artesian Springs Court.

Crews got the majority of the fire under control in about 40 minutes, but they soon found it had run up under the roof of the home, Moran said.

It took another two hours for firefighters to completely put out the fire, and parts of the home’s roof had to be ripped off in the process, he said.

In all, about $200,000 of damage was done to the house, Moran said.

The owner had just completed removing the inside of home’s first floor, and investigators were looking into whether the ongoing construction played a part in causing the fire, he said.

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