First female mayor of San Marcos gives State of the City address

SAN MARCOS (KUSI) – San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones delivered her inaugural State of the City Address Tuesday to hundreds of people dedicated to the community where she reflected on the city’s accomplishments and focused on the big challenges for the upcoming year.

“The education has gone up and it’s brought a lot of families in, which is wonderful,” said Rosemary Winn, Realtor and Resident in San Marcos. “So you get a lot of influx from the education part and it’s just a well run city.”

Rosemary Winn was one of the 400 leaders, entrepreneurs and residents who packed a room at California State University San Marcos in North County San Diego Tuesday.

After presenting the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce’s Business Awards, the first female Mayor of San Marcos delivered her inaugural State of the City Address.

“She is just stepping right up. She knows what’s going on,” said Winn. “She’s been involved in a very crucial time in the last eight years and she’s got a good legacy to keep on going.”

San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones applauded the city for some great accomplishments, like a bustling manufacturing industry, more local businesses, and a drop in crime by 19%.

“We have a local economy that’s thriving,” said Jones. “We have our schools. We’re the educational hub of North County and it’s just honestly a fabulous time in San Marcos to see all the growth.”

She agreed there’s always room to grow.

Jones said the first big challenge she’s aiming to tackle is traffic because San Marcos is a city people cut through.

“Obviously we want to work with SANDAG to get the 78 improvements going, but it really is the technology that’s going to help San Marcos move forward with the traffic and move people around,” said Jones.

Her goal is to take San Marcos from a “drive-through” community to a “drive-to” destination.

“We want to keep them here too, so really bringing the right businesses to the city so people understand that, ‘Hey, spending my tax dollars in San Marcos is a great idea,’ and there’s all these opportunities to make it happen,” said Jones.

There are some other big goals for 2019. She said the city is planning to break ground on the Creek Infrastructure Improvement Project, which was envisioned in 2007. It will transform the Creek District into a new downtown area. She will also work on the launch of a mobile reporting app for the community.

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