First Latin-owned film studio opens

CALIFORNIA (KUSI) – The former president of Tyler Perry Studios is taking action to create more opportunities for Latinos in Hollywood.

The Cuban-American has launched the first-ever Latino-owned and operated film and TV studio in the US.

Ozzie Areu went from security guard at Warner Brothers to president of Tyler Perry Studios to CEO of Areu Bros. Studios.

“Now that I’ve had a little bit of success, I definitely plan to pay that forward,” says Areu.

When Perry moved his studios to another property, Areu decided to buy the 60-acre media space from his boss, and he’s implementing what he learned from his mentor to connect with audiences that he says have been neglected.

“I’m going to use my resources, experience and the team that we’ve built to really get behind inclusion both in front and behind the camera,” he says.

He wants to create opportunities for Latinos, women and minorities in entertainment; including actors, crew, producers and writers putting together storylines that break down stereotypes.

“We want to see each other as the lawyer…the doctors, you know outside of the gardeners and the mechanics.”

Areu says that just like Perry believed in him, he now wants to open the doors for others.

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