First responders train for disaster in mock emergency

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — About 500 people participated in a mock disaster drill at Lindbergh Field to test the cooperation and skills among the area’s first responders.

The mock accident was staged to simulate an aircraft accident involving a Boeing 737, in which the jet made an emergency landing, then collided with two construction vehicles, before bursting into flames.

For the exercise, volunteers played the roles of the 120 people aboard the jet.

As the disaster was played out, emergency crews rushed to extinguish the fire on the plane, as other firefighters, joined by paramedics and police officers assisted the passengers, and evaluated the seriousness of their injuries.

A mock triage area was set up to determine who would need medical treatment first. The most critically injured were taken away by ambulances, which only traveled to the front of the Airport Authority Administration Building where the "hospital" was located. 

All of this activity was observed by a team of representatives who will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the response. The Airport Authority will issue a final report based on those evaluations. 

The Federal Aviation Administration requires major airports to conduct this kind of emergency exercise every three years.

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