First television ad for Measure B airs in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A sure sign of the approaching election season is a surge in the number of political advertisements like the first TV ad for Measure B, which started airing in San Diego County Monday.

Measure B deals with the Newland Sierra housing development, which calls for 2,135 homes to built north of Escondido on land where the county’s blueprint for future development says only 99 homes should be allowed, plus about 2 million square feet of commercial. The development would be built just west of Interstate 15 north of Deer Springs Road.

Measure B will appear on the March ballot, though the wording was changed by supervisors just last month after Newland requested it be clarified. A “yes” vote would uphold the supervisors’ approval, a “no” vote would overturn it.

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