FIT Athletic Club & Gym in Mission Beach prepares to reopen with safety protocols

MISSION BEACH (KUSI) – The staff over at Fit Athletic Club in Mission Beach is getting worked up. They’re getting worked up over the possibility of reopening June 15th if the San Diego County Health Department gives the club its  blessing.

“We’ve implemented everything from temperature checks at the door, face mask throughout the building, social distancing. All the equipment has been spaced out 6 feet apart,” said Parker Washington, General Manager, Fit Athletic Club.

Gyms are part of businesses that would be allowed to reopen in phase 3 of COVID-19 as long as certain parameters are followed.

We got a chance to see what the changes would be like. Aside from wearing your mask when you first walk in, you’ll see a sign that says if you’re sick please stay home; you’ll notice the stickers on the ground to stay 6 feet apart.

“We feel that temperature checks for our employees and our members When they come in so they feel safe while they’re working out. Employees will keep their masks on our members as long as they’re 6 feet away and they’re practicing social distancing it’ll be up to them whether they wanna keep their masks on,” said Scott Lutwak, Owner of Fit Athletic Club.

County Supervisor Jim Desmond also toured the facility while we were there.

“I saw that all the protocols in place equipment clean for people and you know practicing proper social distancing some of the machine like every other machines,” said Desmond.

There will also be an increase in sanitation, and a decrease in the maximum capacity.

“You’ll go online pick your time slot. You work out for an hour and a half and then we will clear the gym and then we’ll Spend 30 minutes deep  cleaning the whole facility and  then to get ready for the next 2 hr shift that will happen after the 30 minutes,” said the general manager.

These are changes that the owner believes will help members feel more confident that club is ready to help Keep them safe and healthy. “These people deem fitness as essential.  everybody is ready to get back into shape and to strengthen their immune system,” said Lutwak.

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez spent Monday at Fit Athletic Club & Gym in Mission Beach finding out all the details on how they are going to keep their customers safe.


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