Five SDSU football players diagnosed with chickenpox, raising concerns

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Five San Diego State football players have been diagnosed with chickenpox, raising concerns that it may spread throughout the team.

SDSU began training camp last week and since then have been in close contact with each other for practices, team meetings and meals.

Head coach, Rocky Long is afraid the highly infectious disease might spread to more teammates and in response has postponed practice to properly disinfect the locker room.

"Chickenpox, many people have forgotten, is a very contagious illness. We’re not seeing as much as we used to because we routinely vaccinate young children," said Long. "But there’s a lot of older adolescence and adults walking around who are susceptible to chickenpox and if they get in the wrong environment where somebody has is, they’re likely to catch it."

As of now, no other cases have been reported. Athletics and Student Health Services officers say they are working together to monitor the student-athletes in an event that more cases appear.

Symptoms of the chickenpox virus include fever, headache and fatigue and usually appear one to two days before the rash.

The team’s next practice is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. It’s first game is against UC Davis on September 2.

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