Five sex offenders being housed in a single Lakeside home

LAKESIDE (KUSI) – Residents of the Blossom Valley neighborhood in Lakeside are outraged after learning five registered sex offenders just moved into a home on their family-friendly street.

Residents tell KUSI News they had no idea these sex offenders would become their neighbors, and are outraged because they consider the five sex offenders to be a huge safety risk.

The five sex offenders are:

  • Kevin Love
  • Benjamin Pickens
  • Jesse Freeburg
  • Geoffrey Alford
  • Jovany Nunez

Most importantly when sex offenders are released from jail and are on parole/probation, they have to register with Megan‘s law within days. Meaning, they must report an address within regulations to law-enforcement that has jurisdiction over that area.

Somehow, their registration snuck by the communities HOA board.

Supervisor Joel Anderson, who represents District 2, gave KUSI the following statement:

While in the State legislature, I voted against bills that weakened public safety and the bills I supported to increase community protections from sex offenders were killed on party-line votes. This continues to be a Sacramento problem that impacts us at the local level. People need to hold their state representatives accountable or we will continue to get sex offenders dumped in our communities.

KUSI’s Teresa Sardina was live in Lakeside speaking with residents who want these criminals out of their neighborhood.

Lakeside resident Megan Adams joined KUSI’s Jenny Milkowski on “Good Evening San Diego” to talk about what hosting these offenders will mean for families and constituents in the area. 

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