The “FIXD” app is helping bridge the gender gap at auto shops

Going to the auto shop can be an intimidating experience for anyone. You can oftentimes feel vulnerable, lacking the detailed automotive knowledge that allows mechanics to overcharge, and at times, even frighten you.

While it can be a daunting experience for both men and women, it turns out when it comes to the pocketbook, women end up shelling out more, as cited in a study by Northwestern University researchers. For example, if a repair actually cost 365 dollars, a woman would be quoted a price that was 13 dollars higher; men were quoted a price that was 10 dollars lower.

Now, this isn’t breaking news for millions of women. In fact, it is something they have always suspected, but now, the numbers confirm it. Some mechanics see dollar signs when a woman comes in to an auto shop for car repairs. But there is a silver lining! When women appear to be informed and mention an expected price, they are offered the same quote as a man.

It is hard to sift through and gather all that information before going to the auto shop, but what if there was a device that did it for you? That’s the idea behind FIXD. The sensor diagnoses exactly what is wrong with your car and gives you expected prices on repairs. Being armed with information is key for anyone, particularly for women.

John Gattuso, the chief executive officer and founder of FIXD, created this to help the average person gain instant knowledge about his or her car. Gattuso could speak about why it is so important to have this knowledge about your car and what inspired him to create the sensor and app. I would love to connect you with him if you are interested and can offer samples for you to try out yourself, especially if your check engine light is on.

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