Fletcher reiterates City Council will decide how redevelopment money is spent

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, appearing on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego program Thursday morning, answered charges that the lifting of the downtown redevelopment cap was a backroom deal, and reminded the public that the City Council will ultimately decide how any redevelopment funds are spent.

“We're in the silly season right now and the facts of what actually happened are rarely actually discussed,” said Fletcher. “This was a bill presented before the legislature in open session, there was a rigorous debate. Folks who supported it spoke, folks who opposed it spoke, folks lobbied on each side, a 2/3's vote in the assembly and then the senate said this is the right thing to do. It was a joint effort.”

“What projects the money is spent on will be a decision by the (city) council. They will go through a rigorous public process, and some of the bigger projects will also go to a public vote. We're talking about (estimates of) somewhere between $8-$11 billion over the next ten years, and over 100,000 new jobs (would be created).”


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