Flight to Las Vegas delayed after hydraulic fluid spill before takeoff

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A sighting of what appeared to be smoke from the landing gear of an airliner about to depart Lindbergh Field en route to Las Vegas Thursday forced a several-hour delay of the flight, authorities reported.

The captain of another jet awaiting takeoff at the bayside airport noticed and reported the potential problem on the Spirit Airlines aircraft shortly before 9 a.m., airline communications director Stephen Schuler said. No smoke was reported inside the plane, he said.

Crews towed the Airbus 320 back to the gate it had just left, where mechanics and inspectors with the Federal Aviation Administration looked it over and determined that the anomaly involved "nothing more than condensation,” according to Schuler.

Firefighters cleaned up some hydraulic fluid that apparently had spilled from the aircraft onto the taxiway, said Jonathan Heller, spokesman for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

After the jet was determined to be mechanically sound, it took off and headed for Nevada shortly after noon.

No injuries were reported.

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