More flights cancelled at San Diego International Airport because East Coast snowstorms

Nearly 4,000 flights have been canceled in the wake of a massive storm that has tested the fortitude of even the heartiest East Coast cities.

In an afternoon update, American Airlines announced that it had canceled more than 1,200 flights, up from 775 earlier in the day. The airline, which had hoped to resume some service along the East Coast on Thursday afternoon, said it had canceled service to Boston; Providence, R.I.; Newark and New York’s LaGuardia for the remainder of the day. Officials said they hoped to resume service to those airports Friday.

The storm has forced the cancellation of more than 550 United Airlines flights, roughly 25 percent of the airline’s schedule. United operates a large international hub at Newark’s Liberty International, where more than three-quarters of scheduled departures were grounded Thursday.

Flights bound for New York’s JFK are being diverted to airports as far away as Chicago and Atlanta. Airports in the D.C. region, which has been less affected by the winter storm, are accommodating flights unable to land at international gateways in New York and Philadelphia.

Nearly a dozen international flights from JFK and Philadelphia have instead landed at Dulles International. In some cases, passengers will remain on the planes while they refuel but in others, passengers have been taken off the planes, gone through customs and will travel to New York by buses provided by the airlines, said airport spokesman Andrew Trull.

Several flights have also been diverted to Baltimore-Washington International Marshall.

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