Florida 4th grader perfectly explains his classmates opposition to wearing masks at school

MARTIN COUNTY, FLORIDA (KUSI) – As you know, many students across the country are being forced to wear masks in their classrooms.

Here in San Diego, teachers won’t even return to the classroom 5-days-a-week, until everyone is vaccinated, and the students wear masks inside.

KUSI News has covered countless back to school rallies, and heard from myriads of parents who are extremely frustrated with these unnecessary mask mandates.

Even in Florida, a state where COVID restriction have been minimal, with no significant change to the results we experienced here in California, parents and students are fed up with mask mandates at schools.

10-year-old John Provenzano, a fourth grader in Martin County, Florida, wants school to go back to normal. John says him and his classmates are yelled at and given referrals constantly for not wearing their masks, but those very teachers don’t even wear their masks all the time!

He impressively explains the negatively consequences students are experiencing in front of the Martin County School District.


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