Flower grower in Encinitas wants to dedicate 1 acre to growing marijuana

ENCINITAS (KUSI) — One of the biggest flower farmers in North County is hoping to save his farm by replacing some flowers with marijuana plants.

Dramm and Echter Farms is the last big flower farm in Encinitas and the owner, wants to set aside one acre to grow pot. The rest would still be flowers.

The North County of San Diego has long been known as the Flower Capitol of the World. In fact, that’s the official slogan for the city of Encinitas. 

But things have changed over the years.

Many of the flower fields are disappearing and developments are popping up in their place. Dramm and Echter is the last big flower farm in Encinitas and they’re having a tough time making it.

The price of water, minimum wage and overseas competition are some of the reasons why.

The owner of Dramm and Echter believes that growing one acre of cannabis could save his farm.

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