Seau released from hospital

Junior Seau was released from the hospital Tuesday, a day after his SUV flew off an embankment in Carlsbad. The crash occurred on the same day the former Chargers linebacker was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Junior Seau was released from Scripps La Jolla Hospital at about 11 o'clock Tuesday morning after an overnight stay.

In the meantime, Police are continuing their investigation into the events that led to yesterday's cliff side crash.

Junior Seau's explanation to the police, he fell asleep at the wheel. The former Charger and twelve time pro bowler suffered minor injuries, mostly cuts and bruises.

When his Cadillac Escalade flew off the roadway, then landed on the sands of Carlsbad State Beach, Police said they saw nothing that would indicate physical symptoms of drug or alcohol impairment.

The crash occurred after a long night for Seau. He had been arrested shortly after midnight at his Oceanside home on a felony charge of domestic violence.

His girlfriend, 25-year-old Mary Nolan told police Seau assaulted her during an argument in the house they shared.

Seau's girlfriend told officers she had been hurt but her injuries did not require medical attention.

Police said they are going to talk to the suspect and get the his side of the story and at that point, officers will determine if there's conflicting stories. Then the officer determines who is the dominant aggressor, the person, at that point if they can establish probable cause, will be arrested. After Oceanside Police complete their investigation, the case will be turned over to the DA for review.

Prosecutors will make the final call, on whether charges will be filed.

Police say they are hoping to take their investigation to the District Attorney's Office by the end of the week. There is an arraignment scheduled for Seau on Monday.

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