Foothills Christian vs Army Navy Academy

The Foothills Christian Knights make the trip unto the North County to face off with The Army Navy Academy Warriors this Friday night at 7:00pm.

Army Navy Academy (0-6) has been off to a rocky start this season, but that’s nothing hard work and practice can’t change. Being at such a disciplined school these boys know a lot about hard work. The Warriors offense is going to have to be on top of their game if they want to break through the Knights defense Friday night.

Foothills Christian (0-7) is also in the same situation as the Warriors but their defense is becoming a stronger part of their team. Be sure to keep an eye out for Nathan Hamilton, Camdon Steele and Taylor Bankhead. Offensively for the Knights be sure to look for plays made by Wyatt Basson as well as Ian Kirkpatrick.

On Friday night one team will finally get the win that they’ve been practice for, as the other team will face yet another week of loss. Be sure to tune into KUSI’s Prep Pigskin Report after the game at 10:30 to see all the highlights from this game as well as other games from around the county.

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