Forget About It! & Cutting Corners!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013 – KUSI's Michael Turko has been covering trash can controversy in the city of San Diego where trash pickup is supposed to be free. Turko says city trash cans are wearing out but the city expects homeowners to pay for it. City officials say the big problem with the trash cans is simply old age and that when the plastic dries out and breaks, repairs just postpone the inevitable. Of course they're not paying to replace those cans, we are.

     For over a month now Turko has been exposing problems at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. Sprinkler repairs have turned around the dead grass issues, but renovation is still going on to align the tombstones and it looks like some of the construction crews are cutting corners! So Turko contacted a top official who's now overseeing the work at Fort Rosecrans and he promised to talk to the construction crews and tell them to knock it off and show a little more respect.

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