Forget the “Blue Wave” or “Red Wave,” Imperial Beach has been hit by the “Green Wave”

IMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI) – While the rest of the nation appears to be obsessed with drawing political lines (blue vs red), in the quiet coastal town of Imperial Beach, it all about the “Green.” “As a true environmentalist, it’s good to see what’s happening here. The number one issue is clean water,” says Imperial Beach Council Member Mark West.

West used to be the director of the “Surfrider Foundation”. The Mayor and the newest Council Member are both active members of “Wildcoast,” another group dedicated to clean oceans.

“This issue of water quality has now reached the top, President Trump is now aware along with the President of Mexico,” says Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina. “Because of Mexico, our beaches have been closed three out of the past 10-years.”

Some are calling it the biggest on-going environmental disaster in America today. The toxic waste has been flowing into the San Diego for at least 40-years now. Surfers and swimmers have been getting sick. Border Patrol are forced to walk in toxic waste and members of the military have contracted “flesh eating bacteria”. All from toxic waste from Mexico.

But the political tide is changing. Every single elected leader in Imperial Beach is a hard core “environmentalist”. With the election of Paloma Aguirre, it’s five for five. “I think it speaks to our community. We are tired of being dumped on, we cherish clean water and our ecosystems. I think that’s reflective with who they are elected to office,” says Aguirre.

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