Former City Attorney Mike Aguirre calls for D.A. to Explain Campaign Donations

Former City Attorney Mike Aguirre has never been reticent about voicing an opinion and he's in fighting form here challenging the district attorney to explain why she accepted money from a foreign national.

“This is a not a question of her being a political candidate. This is a question of her as a law enforcement official,” says Aguirre.

As the District Attorney, now running for re-election Bonnie Dumanis is one of the county's top law enforcement officials. 

So why did her political action committee during her 2012 race for Mayor accept 100,000 dollars from a company headed by a Mexican businessman named Susumo Azano. 

Dumanis says she was introduced to Azano through a retired San Diego police detective, Ernesto Encinas, who's also a defendant in the corruption case. 

Dumanis says she had lunch with Azano at his home in coronado two years ago. The D.A says she doesn't recall the date, but she says Azano expressed interest in the campaign because of his business in San Diego.

Federal Prosecutors say about 200,000 dollars from the group headed by Azano was funneled to the Dumanis Campaign.

Former City Attorney Mike Aguirre cites a published article in the magazine “City Beat.” A May 2, 2012 article identifies a 100,000 dollar contribution from “Airsam” and even names the President, non-other than Susumo Azano.

Aguirre says that article should have raised some red flags. He's asking why the D.A didn't ask some obvious questions.

Dumanis who is running for her 4th term AS District Attorney has already returned 14,000 dollars she got from retired Vice Detective Ernesto Encinas.

Up until now, the rest of the questionable donations in 2012 had not been returned. Dumanis claimed that was because that particular campaign account has been closed out. 

Just minutes ago, a new development, we learned that after meeting with the City's Ethics Commission.

Dumanis has agreed to disburse the rest of the funds to a local charity.


Sasha Foo


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