Former Lincoln Hornet, T’Ray Kirkland lifts spirits up in a time where things are down

In a time where things are down, former Lincoln Hornet T’Ray Kirkland decided to try to lift some spirits and change that around. In a span of two weeks, Kirkland raised money, gathered supplies and put together 85 bags of essential supplies and donated these bags to the homeless in downtown San Diego.

“It all started with a snapchat post, you know I’m trying to donate to the homeless, food, water, clothes, anything else. After that it just blew up,” said Kirkland. In a matter of 5 days, Kirkland raised a little over $1,230. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people. Like I see someone downtown and I want to help you just because I understand that in a lot of cases its not their fault their in that position its just you are either condition to believe that you’re a failure or its just literally the system that set for you to fail”, Kirkland added.

Kirkland made two separate bags, one specially for women and the other for men, including women essential items, deodorant, beanies or hats, notebook or crossword puzzle, two pens, bar of soap, wash cloths, snacks and water. “A lot of times people forget that these are people. That is why I wanted to put a notebook or crossword puzzle in the bag because just imagine having no cell phone no nothing just sitting there all day trapped with your thoughts, you know you could be your greatest enemy, so if have somewhere to have a release, I feel like that would help a lot” Kirkland explained.

Kirkland does plan on helping the homeless out in the future but as of now doesn’t have anything planned. Kirkland added, “people are calling me an activist and people calling me this, this, and that but I’m just T’Ray I’m doing what feels right.”


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