Former Padres owner, SDSU and UCSD benefactor joins forces with supporters of the “Citizens’ Plan”

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Supporters of the "Citizens’ Plan for the Responsible Management of Major Tourism and Entertainment Resources" Initiative announced Wednesday that they added a key member to their growing coalition.
In response to a request from Citizens’ Plan proponent Donna Frye, former Padres owner John Moores has contributed $45,000 to the Citizens’ Plan campaign.  Organizers began collecting signatures last week across the City of San Diego.
In an email Frye sent to Moores this week, she said, "We have begun collecting signatures for our Citizens’ Plan, and the initial responses from the public have been extremely positive. Our first contribution from Cory Briggs of $200,000 got us started, and we are now soliciting additional contributions to keep our signature effort moving forward."

Moores is a long time benefactor to both SDSU and UCSD and a former UC Regent. He met with both UCSD and SDSU leadership to suggest that the Mission Valley QUALCOMM site should be dedicated to university expansion and a public park.  

Moores said, "Universities make a difference. This site is uniquely positioned to serve the future housing, educational and job creation capacity of both SDSU and UCSD."
Moores said that he had been leaning toward supporting the initiative prior to receiving Frye’s request but did not want to get involved in the Charger controversy.
He met one-on-one with the Mayor last week and came away confident that the Citizens’ Plan protected the Mayor’s efforts to negotiate with the NFL while allowing the City to move forward with other opportunities that are shared by residents and tourists.
"People have strong feelings about all of these issues. But, fifty years from now the choice to provide for open space and transit-dependent university use of Mission Valley will be the compelling legacy of this generation of San Diego leaders. I hope that my decision to help will encourage folks to set aside whatever other differences they may have and get it done," said Moores.
The Citizens’ Plan is a comprehensive overhaul of the city’s tourism financing and development model that includes provisions to dedicate the Mission Valley site, with or without the NFL, principally to park and university use.

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