Four boys safely recovered from Amber Alert Standoff

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Daniel Perez was a desperate man on the run, bringing his four sons with from the Los Angeles area, but is now in custody after a pursuit and standoff.

From the start, for police, the priority was the safety of the four children.

On Wednesday, the boys’ aunt Mae made an impassioned plea to the father.

On Thursday, the boys were transported back to the Los Angeles area, after a legion of law enforcement officers, Sheriff’s deputies, police officers, CHP, and SWAT rescued them.

As a police hostage negotiator talked by phone to the father, the Perez boys waited in the car.

Just before 9 a.m., the two oldest boys, Jordan, 11, and Jaden, 9, got out of the car and walked to safety.

The break that officers needed came about 50 minutes later, when Perez got out of the car, but they say something was not quite right.

Perez made a move, and in seconds shot out a bean bag, taking Perez down. The other two boys, Alex, 6, and Tristin, 8, were safe.

It was the best possible conclusion in a situation that might have turned out very differently.

The children were taken to the CHP substation in El Cajon. They said they were hungry, so officers brought them food from Jack In The Box.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the boys were taken back to the Los Angeles area to the Department of Children’s Services. Later they will be turned over to family members.

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