Four-foot red diamond rattler captured in Rancho Penasquitos backyard

RANCHO PENASQUITOS (KUSI) — A Rancho Penasquitos couple got quite the spring surprise when they found a red diamond rattler in their backyard last Monday, April 10.

According to the County News Center, Animal Control Officer Joni Palumbo was called to the scene to help catch the snake. The County News Center reports that Palumbo has handled many snake calls before, but never with a snake this large.

The snake was estimated to be about four feet long. Palumbo took the snake returned it to the wild in a canyon nearby.

According to the County News Center, County Animal Services has responded to 276 rattlesnake calls since January of this year. That is about 50 more than the same time period last year. Last May was the high point with 156 calls.

“Snake sightings jump during warmer weather but thanks to San Diego’s moderate climate, we can receive calls any time of year,” said County Animal Services Director Dan DeSousa. “Basically every season is rattlesnake season and they can show up anywhere from the coast to the deserts.”

If you see a rattlesnake on your property, keep a safe distance and call County Animal Services at (619) 236-2341 or call the animal control agency for your city. 

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