Four Liberty Charter HS students save man after nearly drowning in hotel pool

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Four teenagers were recognized Wednesday after an act of bravery saved a man’s life.

The four teens — Ashley Gall, Jarred Botha, Ethan Rosado and Jessica Salvador of Liberty Charter High in Lemon Grove — were attending a leadership conference at the Handerly Hotel over the weekend.

While sitting alongside the pool Sunday evening, they noticed a man dive into the shallow end and three minutes later, never return to the surface. 

Once the man’s companion began screaming, Gall said she jumped in and pulled the man out of the water. He was foaming at the mouth, his face gray and his throat was full of vomit. Salvador jumped in, turning the man on his side so he wouldn’t choke, while the others called for their coach, Jonathon Abbas, to come perform CPR.

The teens ended up calling the hospital, just to make sure the man made it. And he did. They said that if they hadn’t reacted the way they did, and as quick as they did, a man would be dead.

They said it’s an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime. 

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