Four puppies left on the doorstep of the Helen Woodward Animal Center

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Four puppies who were left on the doorstep of the Helen Woodward Animal Center with a heartbreaking note have all found their forever homes just a day after beginning their search.

The Belgian Malinois mixes nicknamed the “Second Chance Pups” were found by an adoptions staff member late last month outside the Center’s front door in a green rubber bin with holes punched out of it.

With the puppies, was an anonymous note from someone who explained that they were homeless and had been living out of their car with the puppies but that the car had recently been towed. It also explained that they had not been able to feed the puppies.

Adoptions staff quickly made the appropriate calls to animal services to keep the puppies in their care while medical teams performed health checks and determined the puppies were malnourished and had some digestive problems. Over the next few weeks, October, Fall, Autumn and Leaves received medical attention, nutritious food and the care they needed and Wednesday were made available for adoption.

The Center says they’re grateful they were able to give the puppies a second chance at a happy life.

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