Four SD school districts unable to meet their financial obligations

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – Four school districts in the San Diego area are in danger of being unable to meet their financial obligations over the next three years, the California Department of Education reported Monday.

The CDE put out a list of districts that issued either “negative” or “qualified” declarations for their finances in reports put out last December.

“Negative” means the district will not meet its obligations during the current fiscal year and the two that follow. “Qualified” means there is a risk of being unable to pay bills.

The “qualified” list of 97 districts included Borrego Springs Unified, Mountain Empire Unified, Ramona Unified and San Marcos Unified.

No San Diego-area districts were among the 13 that issued “negative” declarations, which could lead to state intervention in their finances.

According to the CDE, the 110 districts in some sort of financial trouble encompass nearly 2 million students, or 30 percent of the total in the state.

The department compiles the financial reports from 1,032 school districts, county offices of education and joint powers authorities.

School officials in Ramona have warned that they could face a serious budget shortfall in the 2012-13 school year.

In San Marcos, the largest of the four districts with 18,000 students, the school board voted to increase the number of students in classes and issue 49 layoff notices to teachers for the next school year in an effort to close a $14 million deficit.

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