Fourth of July DUI and water rescue statistics

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — 6:41 p.m. — San Diego Lifeguards estimate 258,750 people made their way to San Diego beaches Monday. 344 rescues were made during a busy day at the beaches.

Add that to 155,000 people on Saturday and 185,800 on Sunday, for a total of 599,550 beachgoers and 783 rescues.

This compares to 537,200 people at the beaches over the three day July fourth weekend in 2015, when Lifeguards performed 154 rescues.  In 2014, 954,000 beachgoers were out during the three day holiday weekend and there were 468 rescues.

9:18 a.m. — The second day of the Fourth of July holiday weekend was even busier than the first on San Diego beaches.

City lifeguards estimated that 185,800 beachgoers flocked to the shores on Sunday, according to San Diego Fire Rescue Department spokesman Lee Swanson. 

The estimated crowd on Saturday was 155,000.

Lifeguards made 211 rescues throughout the day Sunday and 228 on Saturday, according to Swanson.

Crowds were expected to increase Monday, according to lifeguards.

Those figures are only for beaches in the City of San Diego, and do not include other beaches along the San Diego County coastline.

California Highway Patrol officers arrested 66 weekend drivers for suspicion of drunken driving in San Diego County by Monday, 13 more than during the holiday weekend last year.

Fourth of July holiday weekend statistics released by the CHP showed a decrease in drunk driving arrests statewide so far, compared to last year. The figures cover the time period from 6 p.m. Friday until 6 a.m. Monday, according to CHP Officer Tommy Doerr.

There have been 948 drunk driving arrests statewide in the first 60 hours of the Fourth of July weekend this year. There were 930 during the same period last year.

One traffic fatality was reported in San Diego County so far, but there were 23 traffic deaths statewide. Last year, there were 22 fatalities statewide and one in San Diego County during the first 60 hours of the weekend.

The death statistics cover fatalities in all law enforcement jurisdictions, while the drunken driving arrests only pertain to those made by CHP officers.

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