Fourth Republican debate Tuesday in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (KUSI) – If it’s true that every election comes down to your money, your job or your taxes, then Tuesday night’s Republican debate was important because it was about money.

This debate did look different than the others.

Fewer candidates stood on stage and instead of the campaign trivia or "gotcha" questions of past debates, this one was primarily about what the candidates would do if they are elected.

On the main stage, it was the elite eight.

Ben Carson and Marco Rubio used the debate to try to keep up their momentum in the polls.

"For the life of me I don’t know why we stigma in vocational education. Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders than philosophers," Rubio said.

Several other candidates are struggling for political survival.

With fewer participating, the candidates had more time to answer questions.

"We should vet all candidates. I have no problem being vetted. What I do have a problem with is being lied about," said Dr. Ben Carson.

But there also time to attack.

"All I’m suggesting – we can’t ship 11 million people out of this country, children would be terrified and it will not work," said Gov. John Kasich.

 "I’ve created an unbelievable company worth billions of billions of dollars, I don’t have to hear from this man. Believe me. I don’t have to hear from him," said Donald Trump.

In the end, many stuck to the party line, but one that many Americans agree with.

"Well, first Obamacare has to be repealed because it’s failing," said Carly Fiorina.

"I want a government really really small. So small you can barely see it," said Sen. Rand Paul.

"5 major agencies that I would eliminate. The IRS — the Department of Commerce — the Department of Energy — the Department of Commerce and HUD," said Sen. Ted Cruz.

"Hillary Clinton has said that Barack Obama’s policies get an "A.." Really one in seven people are living in poverty. That’s not an A," said Jeb Bush.

So who won? That’s up to you.

But some analysts are saying Senator Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, John Kasich and Carly Fiorina were the big winners.

However, maybe, the debate moderators were the real winners because this time, they asked questions about police and real issues.

San Diego Democrats were not impressed with the debate.

This debate may have been more focused on the issues than the three others before it, but people here were still unimpressed by the candidates answers.

Chairwoman of the San Diego County Democratic Party Francine Busby said, "it was just a lot of the same things we’ve already heard."

When asked who she thought performed well, she said Governor John Kasich, because he sounded the most reasonable in his responses. 

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