Fracking public forum scheduled at County Administration Center

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A public forum on the practice of injecting oil wells at high-pressure with fluids to fracture geologic structures and release oil deposits is scheduled in downtown San Diego Wednesday at the County Administration Center.

The forum will be hosted by county Supervisor Dave Roberts, and THE panelists will represent oil industry and environmental interests.

“I am hosting this forum to provide the public with a frank, balanced and open discussion on the issue of fracking,” Roberts said. “Much of the region’s water comes from the Colorado River and from northern California. It is important to discuss whether fracking will, or will not, have an effect on our region’s water supply.”

Fracking has been used since the late 1940s to extract residual oil and other hydrocarbons by injecting various solutions into well bores at high pressure to fracture rock formations, but renewed interest in the method has drawn opposition from environmentalists, who worry over the contamination of drinking water supplies and the possible triggering of seismic events.

Panelists will include San Diego State University geologist Eric Frost; Damon Nagami, senior attorney and director of the Southern California Ecosystems Project for the Natural Resources Defense Council; Ken Weinberg, director of water resources for the San Diego County Water Authority; and David Nylander of Noble Americas Energy Solutions. An additional panelist is expected.

U-T San Diego columnist Logan Jenkins will be the moderator.

The forum begins at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Room 358. No placards or signs will be allowed in the building.

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