Free sandbags available today at several locations throughout the county

The National Weather Service is predicting rain around San Diego County this week, potentially heavy rain on Thursday.

People in unincorporated areas can get free sandbags at numerous locations to help them protect their homes, properties and communities.

County public works officials said the coming rain was also a good reminder for people to check around their home and land to make sure drainage areas are clear and free of debris.

Rain can cause flooding and erosion, especially in areas where, by paving, drought or fire, they are not covered by landscaping, grass, trees, shrubs and other plants. Rain runoff can sweep soil, mud and debris downstream where it can damage homes, clog storms drains and culverts, and flood and damage roadways.

Using sandbags properly can help direct waters away from homes and properties. People who have slopes on their land can use mulch, or terrace their slopes and plant groundcovers and shrubs to keep them from eroding.

San Diego County’s Department of Public Works, the San Diego County Fire Authority and CAL FIRE are providing free sand and bags, or free bags, generally around the clock at the locations listed below. People should call ahead to double-check availability and bring a shovel they can use to fill bags with sand at the locations with sand and bags.

In addition to the regular locations, people who live in and around the areas that were burned by December’s Lilac Fire in North County can get free sandbags and other devices, such as fiber rolls, at the County’s Bonsall Road Station.

The station is located at 2370 Pala Road in Bonsall and will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Residents in the Lilac Fire burn areas can also call 888-846-0800 to schedule to have a County engineer come look at their property to suggest what areas need protection, and how and where to place sandbags, fiber rolls and other erosion control devices.

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