Freedom Boat Club offers alternative to boating for whale watching

Because blue whales and gray whales migrate at different times of the year, whale watching season in San Diego is open year round.

Blue whale calves will be swimming beside their mothers for the return migration in the spring.

If neither the gray whales or the blue whales are in town, you can see orcas, minke whales, and fin whales year round.

An abundance of krill and changes in ocean temperatures have increased the numbers of blue whales coming to the San Diego area in recent years

If you can, go whale watching on a day with light winds. If your schedule is such that you must go on a day with higher winds, go in the morning or the early afternoon if possible.

Over 20,000 gray whales migrate from Alaska south to the lagoons of Baja California where they remain for several months while the females give birth and the calves grow large enough and strong enough for the return trip. This round trip of 10,000 miles is the longest known annual migratory route for any animal.

Dan Hasbrouck is the President of Freedom Boat Club San Diego, a new alternative to boating without all the hassles that come with owning a boat.

With a membership to Freedom Boat Club you don’t have to worry about boat maintenance, dock fees, insurance, depreciation, trailers or even clean up. Just gas up and go!

You get access to not just one boat but their entire fleet and many more as they expand with new members.

They also provide training for the novice boater.

The membership is just a one time membership fee and then monthly dues that cost less than even just storing your boat would.


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