Freedom Research Foundation’s Brandon Wheeler returns from meeting with top officials Afghanistan

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Brandon Wheeler, Executive Director of Freedom Research Foundation just returned this past Tuesday from Afghanistan. Wheeler met with all of the top officials in the Palace, current and former ministers and “Warlords” leaders of the Northern Alliance.

Wheeler is a USMC Combat Veteran, with experience in Afghanistan, and has studied the country for 16 years.

Just one week ago, President Biden told the world that there was no chance the Taliban would take over Afghanistan after the removal of the US Military. But, as you know, Afghanistan immediately collapsed and been overtaken by the Taliban.

Wheeler says the Taliban takeover is an incoherent plan from the Biden Administration. Explaining, “it was incredibly disheartening. I met with many members of parliament and individuals who over the past 20 years had the opportunity to come to the United States and get an education. They saw a bigger and brighter future for America that was really a consequence of the sacrifices of thousands of American lives, $2 trillion, and it was all lost because government officials at the highest level couldn’t provide a coherent solution for how we could transition out militarily, and transition to a diplomatic political relationship with the Afghan people. And the Afghan people feel like they’ve been betrayed.”

As a result of the United States’ withdrawal, and the immediate Taliban takeover, Wheeler believes the United States is no longer trusted on the world stage.

Last week, just before the U.S. withdrawal, Wheeler was working in a safehouse nearby where the Minister of Defense’s house was attacked by the Taliban forces. The Minister of Defense survived, but many people died in the attack. Wheeler says, “it just shows you that this narrative that we defeated the Taliban militarily is just not true.”

Wheeler asserted that it’s important to understand that it’s “not that the Afghan people didn’t care. And the Taliban demonstrated that the central government of Afghanistan was corrupt, and did not represent the will of the people. People are not willing to fight and die for a government that they had no say in.” Adding, “there are many good people in Afghanistan who have depended on us, we’ve depended on them. My translators for example, their families are still there and we are working to try and solve that with a solution.”

Regarding President Biden’s decision to move forward with withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Wheeler says, “the fact was this was a domestic policy political decision based on the American people’s feeling that we didn’t need to be there anymore. Not because it was a good strategic political or military decision.”

Wheeler strongly believes keeping a small U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan could have prevented “what’s going to be disastrous situation for the Afghan people. But it’s also going to make America less safe.” Wheeler said countries like Iran, Russia and China will exploit Afghanistan to their advantage.

The Taliban wants the world to be run a specific way, under Islamic rule. Reports already prove the Taliban is continuing to partner with radical groups, including elements of Al-Queda and ISIS. Wheeler says this proves they will continue “to do exactly what drove us to go there.”

Under Islamic rule, women are forced to wear burkas, and essentially lose all their rights freedoms.

Since they’ve taken over Kabul, they will begin to force their way of life onto the people, which is why you saw the insane videos coming out of the Kabul airport over the weekend of people doing whatever it takes to get out of the country.

The Taliban believes anyone opposed to their way of life, is an enemy. According to Wheeler, the Taliban will start attacking as they begin taking over more and more land.

Many people don’t know the horrific actions members of the Taliban do on a daily basis. For example, Wheeler says they regularly rape and beat innocent young kids and women.

Regarding the broad topic of nation building, Wheeler believes, “we don’t need to export democracy or a constitution that makes sense to us, we’re not going to live in Afghanistan. It needs to make sense to them.”

On the world stage, Wheeler explained, “all of the countries that have different views of how human beings should be able to live their lives on this planet are going to utilize this to be able to make us weaker and less powerful in the world.”

Brandon Wheeler joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego to detail everything going on in Afghanistan, including why he thinks the United States will have to go back into Afghanistan.

Wheeler concluded by stating his biggest point, “we as Americans have a responsibility, as Americans. And what I mean by that is we live in this wonderful country, and that we, regardless of your political views, we benefit from an incredible society. We need to treat each other with dignity and respect. And we need to learn about what goes on in the world. As we become more interconnected, there are good people in every country. Even the countries I mentioned to you, their governments are going to use this to their advantage. They are oppressing their own people, and they are looking to America for us to try and help them.”

Looking to the future Wheeler says, “as Americans we all suffer from this. We’re all responsible for this. The mothers and the wives of the Marines that I’ve lost, and many like me, we told them that it mattered because we made a country safer for a future generation to learn and become educated and to have a better future in the world. And now, our country has made liars out of us.”

Tuesday, Wheeler returned to the KUSI News studio to discuss the same topic with KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego.

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